Beyond Productive
A 2-part workshop presented by Brad Aeon

We all want to make the most of our lives. We want to learn time management skills to work more effectively and efficiently. We want to be able to make time for what truly matters to us. But how?

As a leader in time management research, Brad Aeon has developed a workshop that will help you manage your time more meaningfully. Based on over a decade of scientific research, his workshops have helped thousands of people worldwide increase their personal productivity, health, happiness, and well-being. He has worked with numerous organizations in the healthcare, legal, nonprofit, financial, and manufacturing sectors to develop and implement strategies that help employees improve their lives.

Brad is known for helping people find more time in their day, while actually decreasing the amount of effort they exert to do so. This workshop will be focused on tools and techniques you can use immediately to gain more control over your life right away. Ideas that allow you to spend time on what matters most, whether it’s work, family, health, hobbies, or relationships.

Each session of this workshop will be followed by a Q&A session that will allow you to share ideas and ask questions. You’ll come away with useful tips you can implement in your life immediately and leave feeling more energized!

This is a 2-part webinar that will take place on Thursday, August 25 at 1:00 PM and Thursday, September 1 at 1:00 PM.

Brad Aeon: Beyond Productive
Thursday, August 25, 2022 – Part 1
1:00 PM via Zoom

Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Part 2
1:00 PM via Zoom
Presented by:
Brad Aeon

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About the Presenter

Brad Aeon is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management Sciences at University of Quebec in Montreal. He conducts research on the sociology, history, and philosophy of time management. His studies focus on how people can achieve what matters to them while reducing stress and living more meaningful lives.

Brad’s ideas and insights have been featured in top-tier media outlets worldwide, including the BBC News, The Atlantic, the Harvard Business Review, the Huffington Post, and many others. His 2017 TEDx Talk, “The Philosophy of Time Management,” urges people to reflect on their relationship with time and on how to live more mindfully.

This training program is offered free of charge to all nonprofit participants, thanks to funding from the Scranton Area Community Foundation.