Who We Are

Convener, Leader
+ Catalyst

“As a community leader, Scranton Area Community Foundation serves as the perfect partner and funder to help UNC’s continued efforts. Integrity and fulfillment of their mission is what is important to the team at UNC, and honoring Mike Hanley through their efforts to serve vulnerable community members in meaningful ways and improve the lives of those they serve.”
– Jessica Wallo, Michael Hanley, Erica Yurkovic


“Scranton Area Community Foundation has been extremely helpful to us at the Cody Barrasse Foundation. They allow us to focus on helping families in our community going through organ transplantation and not have to worry about any of the bookkeeping. They are an amazing organization and we are very lucky to be a small part” -Joseph Barrasse

Partner to Nonprofits

“What matters to me is that I know that after I am gone I can continue to help sustain institutions into the future, institutions that made my life better. I have often said that my legacy is with helping fund our medical school from the very beginning and improving medical care for our area. The Scranton Area Community Foundation will do this and keep my memory alive with all of the agencies I will be helping” – Alan Goldstein