Whether you just want to make a QUICK Contribution to our Unrestricted General Endowment Fund, or you want to make a more specific contribution to one of our EXISTING Funds, or START a NEW Fund of your own. We are here to help guide you through that process.
  • GIVE NOW (Single Contribution to our General Endowment Fund)
  • Contributions to an EXISTING FUND(s)
  • Establish a NEW FUND(s)
Let us help you find the best way to meet you charitable goals. Follow the links below for more information on how you can be an active part in your community. Give to Unrestricted Fund! Your gifts to the unrestricted “General Endowment” Fund are essential for ensuring the Foundation’s ability to meet the community’s present and future needs. Give to an EXISTING Fund If you are looking to give back to your community, investing in one of our existing funds is a great way to get started and the SAF staff can help guide you to a fund that matches your philanthropic goals. Learn More Establish a NEW Fund Whether you want to support a library, protect a park, revitalize the downtown, or start a scholarship, we can set up an ongoing fund for long-term benefit to the charity, organization, or other recipient of your choice. Learn More Planned Giving Charitable Trusts, Life Estates, Life Insurance, and other Planned Gifts often create ideal situations for Donors and are frequently the sustainable influence for local charities. Learn More Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Types of Funds

There are also various different “types” of funds from which to choose; the main types are listed on our Types of Funds page.

Assets Appropriate for Charitable Giving

Gifts can be given in many forms, we have compiled information on the types of assets that are appropriate for charitable giving. Cash & other assets, such as Real Estate, Securities, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Retirement Plan Assets are common forms of charitable gifts. …learn more about assets that are appropriate for charitable giving Donors have many options for charitable giving … you are only limited by your imagination!