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The Scranton Area Community Foundation responds to community needs and opportunities with grants in such diverse fields as health, education, arts, environment, human services, and civic affairs. We are able to do so through the generosity of individuals, organizations, and corporations.

Funding Central is here to help centralize various information about Funds & Funding. From a brief explanation of Restricted versus Unrestricted Funds and a list of the different Fund Types to information about existing Scranton Area Community Foundation Funds and how you can get involved.

Please follow the links provided to get additional information or feel free to call our office for more information.

Restricted Funds – vs – Unrestricted Funds

The Scranton Area Community Foundation funds are categorized as either Restricted Funds or Unrestricted Funds.

› Unrestricted General Endowment Fund:

› Restricted Funds:

These are funds in which the donors has placed specific restrictions for how and/or what the funds should be used.

  These Funds are broken down by Fund Type.

Endowment Funds – vs – Non-Endowment Funds

The Scranton Area Community Foundation provides numerous types of grants from both Non-Endowment Funds, as well as Endowment Funds.

› Endowment Funds:

Endowment Funds are established to benefit a particular institution or agency, to provide ongoing support to a favorite charity, award scholarships in the name of a loved one, or otherwise support a cause in the name of a person or other entity.

Learn more about Endowment Funds

› Non-Endowment Funds:

Occasionally a foundation will accept temporary funds. These non-endowed funds are typically re-distributed to other qualified charitable institutions for programs and projects within the community. Non-Endowment Funds may be used to provide on-going support for many, many different organizations and activities.

Scranton Area Community Foundation Funds & Grants

Ways to Give

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If you would like more information on our funds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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