The Center for Community Leadership and Nonprofit Excellence serves the capacity-building needs of nonprofit organizations in Northeastern Pennsylvania to help them meet their critical missions more effectively and to improve their impact throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

A partnership between the Center and eCornell is the newest effort to help build capacity and skills for our current and emerging nonprofit leaders. Through this partnership, participants can take a single eCornell course, or take courses in pursuit of one of 200+ online certificates at a heavily discounted rate.

The tuition cost for each course taken through eCornell will be covered 85% by capacity-building grant funds. The remaining cost will be covered by the participant or their organization.

  • One course = $50 participant cost
  • Certificate (users apply for courses individually, but can work towards a certificate!)
    • 4 Course Certificate = $200 participant cost
    • 5 Course Certificate = $250 participant cost
    • 6 Course Certificate = $300 participant cost
    • 7 Course Certificate = $350 participant cost

A special portal has been created to review courses available through this partnership between Center for Community Leadership Nonprofit Excellence and eCornell partnership.

Step One – Explore Your Options

Visit to learn more about which courses are available. Courses will be applied for and approved by Scranton Area Community Foundation. There are 200+ online certificate programs available from eCornell. While courses are to be taken one at a time, they can be done as a single course or in pursuit of a Certificate. To see a full list of the 200+ eCornell certificate programs available, and which courses can be applied to each certificate, visit

Step Two – Apply and Receive Approval for a seat in an eCornell Course

When you have selected the course you want to take, visit to begin the process. Once you create an account, enter Access Code “ecornell”. At the completion of this process, you will receive an email with your approval or denial status. You will not be able to officially register for a course until you have completed this application and approval process.

Note: Since launching this exciting collaboration, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response to this program!

In order to meet this demand, we have created a waitlist for interested individuals. Participants are encouraged to apply for consideration and they will be put on this waitlist. Once a spot becomes available, approved individuals will be contacted.

Step Three – Register for a Course

Visit and select the start date of the course you were approved to attend. The start date must be within 90 days of the application and approval from the Scranton Area Foundation. Your registration request for the course will be reviewed within 2 business days of registering.

Step Four – Begin the Course

Follow the instructions in your eCornell welcome email to begin the course preparation process. All instructions for course prep, grading policies, transfer of courses, etc will be communicated from Cornell once you are officially registered.