The Humor Therapy Fund

New Grant Opportunity! Applications Now Open The Humor Therapy Fund at the Scranton Area Community Foundation is currently seeking grant applications from nonprofit organizations who wish to promote laughter and/or humor for the therapeutic benefit of their clients, staff, and/or the community at large. Whether a nonprofit organization wants to bring smiles to children, hold a comedy improv workshop to improve staff morale, or create a humor toolkit, the Humor Therapy Fund of the Scranton Area Community Foundation can provide the necessary support. Grant applications for this fund will be accepted until August 15, 2020. The Humor Therapy Fund at the Scranton Area Community Foundation was created in 2005 by Jeannine Luby, who started the fund as a graduate student to promote therapeutic laughter. Over the last several years, Ms. Luby has spent time spearheading numerous fundraisers to build the fund, including comedy shows and local events on World Laughter Day. To begin the grant application process, create or login to your account by entering the following information:
  • A username that is an email address
  • Your contact information
  • Your organization’s information, including the EIN/Tax ID number (required)
  • Contact information for the organization’s Executive Officer
Please note that grant requests for this opportunity are only accepted through the online portal at the Scranton Area Community Foundation. No paper or emailed applications will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: If you have applied for a grant through this system previously, you will have the option to copy some of the answers into this grant application. Click here for instructions on how to copy answers from another grant process.   APPLY NOW