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May 2024 Fund News


May 2024 Fund News: Scholarships, Community Support, and Documentary Funding

In the latest updates from the Scranton Area Community Foundation (SACF), several impactful initiatives are underway, ranging from educational scholarships to community support grants and funding for a documentary highlighting local history.

Dr. Bernard Shair & Todd Angelo Memorial Scholarship Recipient Announced

Emma Zipprich, a distinguished resident of Susquehanna County and a graduate from the University of Scranton, has been awarded both the Dr. Todd M. Angelo Memorial Scholarship and the Dr. Bernard Shair Memorial Scholarship. Emma’s academic excellence and commitment to dentistry have earned her this prestigious recognition. The scholarships, presented by the Scranton District Dental Society and SACF, aim to support outstanding students pursuing dental education. Emma, who will be attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, received the awards during a ceremony held on April 25, 2024.

Community Support: SAF Community Needs Fund

The Greater Scranton YMCA’s new Early Learning Center in Olyphant received a significant boost with a $15,000 grant from the SACF Community Needs Fund. This grant will aid in providing essential childcare services to families in the area by supporting the purchase of playground equipment for the center. The Community Needs Fund, powered by donors’ generosity, continues to address critical needs within the community, assisting nonprofit organizations in their endeavors to make a positive impact.

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Garden of Cedar Fund: Addressing Food Insecurity

The Garden of Cedar, a beacon of community strength in South Scranton, is expanding its efforts to combat food insecurity. Founder Frank Dubas announced the establishment of an annex to the Garden of Cedar, located at 921 Cedar Ave., to facilitate urban farming initiatives. The annex will provide space for Congolese refugees and urban residents to cultivate fruits and vegetables, fostering community engagement and wellness. The Garden of Cedar Fund, administered by SACF, supports these vital community initiatives.

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Documentary Funding: Boxed Out

In collaboration with the International Documentary Association, the SACF is supporting the production of “Boxed Out: The Untold Story of the Eastern Professional Basketball League.” This documentary will delve into the rich history of the league, which flourished in Northeastern Pennsylvania from 1946 to 1978. Through interviews and archival footage, the film will shed light on the league’s significance in professional sports and its role in addressing systemic racism. Executive producers Syl Sobel and Jay Rosenstein, both natives of Scranton, aim to bring overdue recognition to the league’s talented athletes. SACF’s contribution from the Community Needs Fund underscores its commitment to preserving and celebrating local heritage.

These developments underscore SACF’s dedication to fostering education, community development, and cultural preservation, enriching the lives of residents across the region. For more information on SACF’s initiatives and how to contribute, visit

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