The mission of the Maximilian J. Grochowski Memorial Fund is to provide charitable donations to children’s organizations and other non-profits that honor the memory of Max. We provide financial grants that support children’s organizations, mothers of multiples, and educational institutions. Put simply, we give back to the organizations and institutions that provided us and countless other families with so much support over the years. As of April 2015, we have given out $11,000 in charitable grants! grochowski-fund The Max Grochowski Fund is a part of the Scranton Area Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. As such, all gifts to the fund are tax deductible under the full extent of the law. For additional questions about the fund, please contact the Scranton Area Foundation at (570) 347-6203. For more information on Maximilian’s story, visit Grant Recipients Dunmore Green Ridge Soccer Grant Amount = $1,000 National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club (NOMTC) Grant Amount = $500 Ridley Area YMCA Grant Amount = $3,000 Springfield Ambulance Corps Grant Amount = $3,000 Springfield Township Library Grant Amount = $3,000