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Heart of Scranton Donors

Thank you to all the donors who generously support the Heart of Scranton Virtual Fundraiser!


Heart of Scranton Virtual Fundraiser Donors

Anonymous (48)


        in memory of Earl Holmes


       in honor of all those in need


      in memory of Erin Ann Walsh


      in memory of Florence and Gary Glover


      in memory of John P. Holland

Frank Abdale & Michael Eisenberg

Darlene Acosta

Sr. Mary Ann

Laura Agostini

Marlene and Kay

Sister Ann

Jim and Patty Alperin

Mary Ellen Altieri

Richard William Ammenhauser

Bonnie Amrowski

Rosanne and Steve Anderson

      in honor of Sr. Ann Walsh


Beth & James Baker

Michele Balon

Donna & Michael Barbetti

Rebecca Barnes

     in memory of Frances Molinaro

Susan and Dorrance Belin

Jean Biggar

Barry and Susan Bittenbender

Jessica Black

Patty and Walter Bobola

HMA Social Club

Cynthia Boyles

Richard Bradshaw

      in honor of those on the frontline of the pandemic

Gene Brady

Claire & Frank Brier and Family

Michael Brown

Mary Burke

Beth Burkhauser

Regina Burns

Sisters of IHM

Stephen & Kimberly Butruce

Laurie Cadden

      in honor of Katie Gilmartin

      in honor of Donna Barbetti

Charles & Carm Cancelleri

      in memory of Santo Cancelleri

      in memory of Vito Vaccaro

      in memory of Anna Cancelleri

      in memory of Mary Vaccaro

Capezio Realty Company

Mary Lynn Carey

Sister Carney

Michael Casey

Ida Castro

      in memory of Ezequiel and Aurora Castro

Tom and Teri Cerep

Will Chamberlin

Robert Chamoni

Michael Charnogursky

Bruce Chodnicki

Linda Ciampi

Kristin & Tony Cianfichi

Kathleen Clancy

Ryan & Paige Cognetti

Stephen and Lauren Cognetti

Julie Cohen

Colbert & Grebas, Elder Law Attorneys

Kevin & Kelley Colleran

Lucille Corbo

Joseph Corvo

Countryside Community Church

Judith Cowley, Psy D

Marguerite Coyle

Stephanie Coyne

Cross Household

Sarah Elizabeth Cruz

     in honor of Ann L. Williams

Davidow Household

Robert Davis

Coyne Family

      in memory of Tom & Mary Coyne

Don and Carol Dembert

      in memory of David Tressler

Marijo Carey DePaola

DePietro’s Pharmacy

Kim A. Derbin

      in memory of Jean & Art Derbin

Toni DiVizio

John F. Donato Jr.

      in memory of John F. Donato

Christa Dougher

Ms. Dowling

Laura Ducceschi

      in honor of Reno and Beverly Ducceschi

Patricia E. Dunleavy

Karen Durkin

Ebersmith Travel

Sister Mary Ehling IHM

Mr. and Mrs. Perry

Jessica Eskra

Ms. Evans

Gus Fahey

Mary Kay Faliskie

Grady Family

Dr. John Farkas & John Anthony Farkas, Jr.

      in memory of Nancy Schmitt Farkas

Dino Ferra

      in memory of May Fernico

Barbara O’Hara and Ray Ferrario


      in honor of Wyatt, Violet, and Penelope

Jack Finnerty

Lisa Fischetti

Cathy and Ed Fitzpatrick

      in honor of the wonderful volunteers on the front lines

Bridget Flannery

Carolyn and Pat Flannery

Flannery Family

Beth Florey

Marty Flynn

      in memory of Matty Flynn


Dr. Patricia Fox

Eldie and Teri Franchetti

Frank and Marigrace Dubas

Robin Frazier

Beth Frushon

Denny & Marie Gallagher

Maureen Gallagher

      in memory of Ann C. Gallagher

Alyssa Garbin

Todd and Carey Garvey

Mary Ann & Gerard Garvey

Judy Gatelli

Robbie & Jeanne Gavern

Michele Georgetti

      in memory of Robert MacKee

Margi Gillern

Katie Gilmartin

Glenmaura Senior Living

Marilyn Grad

The Gragilla Family

The Grambo Family

Carl Graziano

Mary & Time Griffin

Noelle Griffiths

      in memory of Bianca Marino Beck

Dr. Dorothy Grill

April Guse

Haggerty Family

Hann Family

Dr. Alfred & Cathy Hardaway

Joyce Hatala

Kevin Hayes

Tom and Mari Hendrian

Gerard M. Hetman

Highland Park Senior Living

Mary Hodel

Sister Sarah Ann Homes

Mary Beth Holmes

Mary Beth Hopkins

Ro Hume

Bridget Hunter

      in memory of Patrick J. Murphy

The Hunter Family

Kevin and Mary Icker

      in memory of David Tressler

Maryalice Jacquinot IHM

Leopold Janczak

Suzanne Jayne

Norma Jeffries

Ryanne Jennings

               in honor of the team at Scranton Area Foundation

Jewish Federation of NEPA

Jim Durkin and Jill Spott

     in memory of Violet Pippert

Deidre Jones

Walter and Julie Jordan

     in memory of Mary F. Reilly

Judith and Charles Curtin Household

Kathy Sunick Kamor

Mary Ann Kapacs

Jan W Kelly Ph.D.

Kristen K.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Kelly

Mauri Kelly

Susan and Marty Kelly

The Kern Family

Anne Kessler

      in honor of employees for Meals on Wheels

Marie K.

Claire King

      in memory of James King III

Kiwanis Club of Scranton

Susan Klimek

Dr. Michael Klingerman and Tara Shoemaker

Pamela Kochis

Chris Koellhoffer, IHM

      in honor of Sister Ann Walsh, IHM

Christine Koster

Joan Kryzanowski

Connie Kudrich

      in memory of Josephine Elias

Catherine Manning Laabs

      in memory of Lois and Paul Laabs

Indra Lahiri

The LaPorta Family

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lashinski

Helen Lavelle

      in honor of Gene Brady

Linda Ledford-Miller

Katie Leonard

Maggie Lipperini

Lauren Loftus

Joseph & Mariliz Loftus

Joseph & Mariliz Loftus

      in memory of Donald & Anne Loftus

Earl Lory

Karen Lucarelli

      in memory of M. Jayne Hartman

Al Lucas

Tiffany Luciani

Bobby and Noelle Lynett

Bill Lynn

Matt Lynn

Karin Foster

John Lyons

Christina Mace

Maureen Maher-Gray

Tim & Samantha Maloney

Angeline Manci

Masks by Lindsey Manley & Marie & Katie Perry

Christina Manuel


Donna Marie Martucci

Nicholas Matise

Victoria Mattes

Kathleen McAndrew

Deborah McCoy

Alice Taylor McGraw

      in memory of Carl & Pearl Taylor

Joseph McGuire

Mary McIlvried

Michael McIlvried

Mr. & Mrs. R. Patrick McKnight

Anne McNally

Sister Delia McNeirney, IHM

Melisky Family

Jess Meoni

Cindy and Teddy Michel

Erin Mierzwa

Gregory M. Moran

Attorney & Mrs. Moran

Todd Morgans

      in honor of Be Kind Scranton

John Morrow

Jennifer Mudge


Sister Marilyn Muro

Joseph Murphy Family

Rochelle Myers

Sujata Nair-Mulloth

NAMI Scranton & Northeast Region

Maggie Martinelli

Donna Nasser

      in memory of Jackson Walsh

Daniel J. Nawrocki Sr.

Sister Naylor

Denise Nicholson

     in memory of Parents

Marylynn & Vinny O’Bell

Conor Kelly OBrien

Mary O’Brien

The O’Hara Family

Ken Okrepkie and Dr. Kim Pavlick

Barb O’Malley

Jane O’Neill

Ann E. Oreilly

Pat Orlando

Yvette Orsini

Terry Osborne

Mary Cecelia Otto

Our Lady of the Eucharist Parish

Emil Pagliari

Brittany Pagnotti

Sylvia Simms Parker

Marsha Parrish

Sister Parry

Pennsylvania American Water

Maureen Pesavento

Melissa Lyn Phillips

John & Cathy Pocius

Joe Pollock

Todd Pousley

Thomas Preambo

Carl Pretko

David Price

      in honor of the entire staff of the Scranton Area Community Foundation

Ron Pritchyk & Gavin Esham

Mr. and Mrs. Quinlan

      in memory of Molly Calpin and Meghan Calpin Hughes

Dawn Quinn

Joan Quinn

Raines Derek

      in memory of Magee Caldwell

Ella Rayburn

Michael J. Reap

Brendan Regan

      in memory of Barbara Moran Regan

The Rigau Family

Lisa Rigau

Jane Risse

      in memory of Ann Risse

Karen Risse

      in memory of Paul McHale

Linda Robeson

Gemma Rosato


Erin Sadlack

Junko Saltzgaber

Kyle Savage

Michelle Schmude, EdD

Debbie Selig

Cathy & Jeff Seymour

Stephanie Shandra

Elaine Shepard

The M & MJ Sheridan Family

Tom & Cathleen Shields

Nick Simone

Sisters of IHM Maria House

Sisters of IHM St. Clare Convent

Sisters Pierce and Tippen

Sisters Sinisi and Salvato

Lindsey Skripka

E.M. Slovenkai

Geoffrey Smeltzer

The Sochoka Family


      in honor of My great grandchildren

Sondra and Morey Myers

Nan Speicher

Deirdre Spelman

      in memory of Florence Spelman

Donald Stanford

Swift Family

      in memory of Cousin Jim Swift

Amie Talarico

Talerico’s Tropical Winery, Inc.

Chris Tansits

      in honor of Junko san

Rosemary Termini

The Anthony Battaglia Family

The Brown Household

The Chickson Household

The Geary Household

The Gelb Foundation Fund

The Gerald Walsh Household

The John A. Weiss Household

The Kisel Household

The Koloski Household

The Monahan Family

The Palmeri Household

The Rose Household

The Ryan Household

The Village at Greenbriar

The Warpus Household

Bernadette Thomas

Sandra Thubborn

Bill and Cheryl Tierney

Judith Tierney

Steve and Laura Uliana

Sister Marie Lourdes Vanston

Yvette Vinson

Rich & Lori Vitock

Mr. and Mrs. Volk

Walline Family

Ann Walsh, IHM

Ellen and John Walsh

      in honor of Caregivers and Volunteers at Friends of the Poor

Ellen Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walsh

James Walsh

Doug and Mary-Pat Ward

      in memory of Robert and Kathleen DeFlice

Aimee Wechsler

David Wegner

Dennis Paul Weisbruch

Joyce Welby

Shelby and Sally

Wilding Therapeutic Solutions, LLC

Melissa Nicole Williams

Sister Mareen Willis

Kevin & Lisa Young

Kerry Ziegler

C. Zike

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