Establish a Fund

By opening a fund at the Scranton Area Community Foundation, you can support the charitable causes you care about in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund is easy to do. Simply contact us for an application form and complete and sign the fund agreement. You may fund your account with a gift of cash, securities, or other assets. Check with us if you have unique or special assets that may be donated in a tax-efficient way. Once your account is open, you are ready to begin giving! Simply contact us in writing with your annual recommendations of how your funds should be distributed. We seek to honor your wishes to help support the organizations and charitable causes you love.

We offer a variety of fund options including endowment funds and non-endowed funds. The primary difference between an endowed fund and a non-endowed fund is the permanency offered by endowed funds. The choice of whether to open an endowed fund or a non-endowed fund depends on your charitable goals.

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Endowment Fund

An endowment is a permanent fund. Endowment funds are pooled for maximum benefit and economies of scale and invested to achieve long-term capital growth. At the Scranton Area Community Foundation, we invest the endowed capital, and only the interest generated is used to issue grants and make charitable distributions (per the donor’s instructions). The capital is not touched, ensuring that the donor’s gift is a permanent source of funding for the community. It is a gift that keeps on giving and ideal to create a lasting legacy or a long-term goal.

Non-Endowed Fund

A non-endowed fund is ideal for a shorter-term project or a desire for more immediate, but not necessarily long-term impact. A non-endowed fund has no permanent principal balance and is immediately available for grant distribution. Non-endowment funds may be used to provide flexible, on-going support for many different organizations and activities. An advised non-endowment fund can become an endowment fund upon request.

Both types of funds do great work!

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