Colon Cancer Patient Support Application


Two Funds, One Important Cause

Two extraordinary funds, the Melissa Chermak Liput Memorial Fund and the Susan Burke Foundation for Colon Cancer, were created at SAF to support individuals with a colon cancer diagnosis who are experiencing financial hardship.

Both funds have been named in memory of two special women in our community whose legacy we are honored to continue. Applicants may apply for support from these funds through a single application.

Awardees are selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis that includes a determination of need and the program must serve a charitable purpose. There must be a sufficiently large or indefinite class of eligible recipients. Grant awards cannot benefit a Foundation employee or volunteer, the award selection committee, or the family members of either group. Donations cannot be accepted for the benefit of a pre-selected or specific individual or group of individuals.


Selection Criteria


The following criteria MUST be met in order for an individual to be considered for a grant from either fund:
  • Have a colon cancer diagnosis
  • Have a demonstrated need due to economic issues related to the diagnosis


The following criteria provide direction on how the applicant pool can be narrowed during the selection process. These criteria do NOT exclude potential applicants outright but demonstrate donor intent for preferred candidates. Preference will be shown to applying individuals who:
  • Live in Lackawanna County OR Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Have had an economic disruption event

Selection Procedures

1. Individuals seeking support from these Funds will apply via the Foundation’s online application portal. 2. Application will require individuals to indicate their qualifications and need for support. 3. Applications will be reviewed by the award selection committee. 4. Selections will be made based on the above stated criteria. 5. The Foundation will notify the recipients of the award. 6. The recipient will be responsible for submitting invoice(s) which can be either reimbursed to the recipient or paid to the vendors directly. Preference is to pay vendors directly. Vendors can include, but are not limited to, medical providers, insurance companies, utility companies, mortgage providers, and others related to personal expenses.  

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Donate to the Susan Burke Foundation for Colon Cancer


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