NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative Fund

Established in the Fall of 2019 through a grant from the Robert H. Spitz Foundation, the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative Fund is a field of interest fund intended to support animal welfare in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative works on initiatives aimed at ensuring animals in NEPA achieve a happy and healthy lifeā€”free from abuse and neglect. Established in 2019, the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative is a collective of animal shelters, rescues, advocates, and sanctuaries in the region that are interested in coming together to advance various causes in animal welfare and to increase the collective resources available to these agencies. Activities of the collaborative include education, professional development, fundraising and other practices that move the goals of the collaborative forward. The Scranton Area Community Foundation serves as the convener of the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative.