In honor of its 60 year legacy of giving, the Board of Governors of the Scranton Area Foundation has launched a 60th anniversary campaign to raise $60,000.00 for the Foundation’s Community Needs Fund. Led this year by Chairman Kathleen Graff, the Board of Governors is proud to announce the commencement of this short campaign, which will provide assistance to our region’s nonprofits in perpetuity. The total amount raised during this campaign will be announced on the evening of October 16, 2014, 5-8 p.m. at the Radisson in Scranton when hundreds of people from all walks of life will gather at a public event to celebrate the Foundation’s 60 year history. The celebration, which is free with an RSVP, will feature this year’s Margaretta Belin Chamberlin award recipient Jane Oppenheim, more than 20 of Lackawanna County’s nonprofit organizations, and photo displays highlighting the history of the Foundation and the Funds managed by the Foundation. The Foundation is thrilled to have this opportunity during the campaign and anniversary year to give our neighbors more information about the work of the Foundation and how every philanthropically-minded citizen can make an impact in our community for decades to come. If you want to learn more about the Scranton Area Foundation and how you can play a role in making a positive impact in your community, call the Foundation at (570) 347-6203. anniv-donate anniv-infographic

restricted grant development

Over the past five years, our giving total reached $2,788,915.00, nearly $3 million, from our restricted funds alone. Our Community Needs Fund added an additional $1,632,584.00 in support during the same five years. The Scranton Area Foundation began with a gift of $1 million and that gift has grown to over $31 million in the decades since. With your support, we will be capable of making an even bigger impact in our community. In the years ahead, we will fund innovative new projects, optimize collaboration between agencies, streamline resources, help nonprofits build their capacity, provide matching and collaborative grants to our neighborhood’s organizations…the list goes on. Your gift to the Scranton Area Foundation will impact our region in perpetuity.
Scholarships $1,435,513 Education $52,682 Human Services $590,004
Children/Youth $139,020 Arts & Culture $52,312 Environmental $10,201
Health $7,766 Religion $3,500 Animal Welfare $7,344
Community Development $48,099
Human Services $128,860 Arts & Culture $156,880 Housing $35,000
Children/Youth $121,734

Projects by year

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