As a professional advisor you are in a unique position, not only to serve the charitable needs of your clients, but also to affect the well-being of our community. Funds established today at the Scranton Area Foundation will provide an essential stream of income decades ahead to meet the needs of a changing community.

Valued Partners in Charitable Giving

We consider you to be our valued partners and we want to be a resource for you and your clients. We always respect and work within the relationship that advisors have developed with their clients. Whether you are an accountant, attorney, financial planner, insurance agent or other professional, we will work collaboratively with you to help your clients craft their charitable giving plans.

Advantages of Shared Giving

By pooling your clients’ contributions with our funds, economies of scale can be achieved through low overhead so more of their dollars benefit the causes they care about. For over 50 years the Foundation has been providing donors with a flexible, low cost, professionally managed mechanism to individuals accomplish their charitable goals and connect to the causes that they care about most.

At Every Step in the Giving Process

Scranton Area Foundation supports Professional Advisers at every step in the giving process and we have developed unique resources for you to use to create an integrated approach to charitable giving and financial / estate planning activities.

  • Identify clients’ motivations, charitable giving interests, and financial goals
  • Clarify community needs, local agencies, and programs and identify which ones make the greatest impact
  • Match personal philanthropic goals with tax planning and financial needs
  • Execute a range of administrative services related to charitable giving
  • Create and implement charitable plans based on overall goals
  • Facilitate complex forms of giving to help ensure that your clients receive the full benefit of their contributions while supporting the charities of their choice

An Understanding of the Possibilities

It is no small task to develop a charitable plan that takes into account your client’s financial needs while considering their philanthropic goals. Having a full understanding of the many possibilities of charitable giving and their specific tax benefits can help your clients achieve financial, personal or business goals.

Advisor Charitable Giving Reference Guide

We have compiled an Advisor Charitable Giving Reference Guide to provide an in-depth look at Scranton Area Foundation and the resources that we can offer our Partner Advisors. We hope that you find this information helpful. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

Download our Advisor Charitable Giving Reference Guide.