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Foundation Leadership

At Scranton Area Community Foundation, our success has always been dependent on a high level of commitment and leadership from a dedicated group of community members. Over the years, many wonderful individuals have given their personal time and effort to assure the success and growth of our programs. We would like to acknowledge and thank those individuals currently involved, as well as those dedicated participants of the past.

Board of Governors

The Scranton Area Community Foundation is governed by a Board of Governors and are appointed or elected because of their knowledge and understanding of community issues and opportunities. Our Board of Governors plays a vital role in the Scranton Area Community Foundation and reflects the diverse interests of our community, overseeing the work of Foundation with commitment, foresight, and integrity. As stewards of the Foundation, the Board establishes policy, leads the effort to build endowment, reviews the investment performance of funds, and oversees our grantmaking efforts. The Board reviews recommendations and makes decisions on all grants to ensure that the philanthropic wishes of our donors are carried out. Board members of chosen for their understanding of regional issues and expertise in their professions.


Barbara O’Hara, Esq., Chair 
Ellen Burkey, Vice Chair 
Katie Gilmartin, Secretary 
David Price, Treasurer 

Board Members

Donna Barbetti

James F. Clemente, CPA, MT

Christopher DiMattio

Thomas Donohue

Patricia Fox, Psy.D

Alan Hughes

Bill Joyce

Bobby Lynett

Thomas Minora, MD

Jerome Musheno, R.Ph., Esq.

Kenneth Okrepkie

Lia Richards Palmiter, PhD

Maryla Scranton

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is comprised of community leaders who have been appointed to work with the Foundation because of their knowledge and understanding of community issues and opportunities.

Warren Acker

Richard Bishop

Venald Bovard

Paul Browne

Dante Cancelli

Karen Clifford

Catherine Cullen

James Gillotti

Kathleen Graff

Matthew Haggerty

Cathy Ann Hardaway

David Hawk

John Kearney

Robert Lettieri

George Lynett

Sharon McCrone

Patrick McMahon

Barbara Norton

Sally O’Brien

Jane Oppenheim

Raymond Pilch

Ann Lavelle Powell

Carlon Preate

James Reid

Kevin Rogers

James Ross

Walter Schautz

Tim Speicher

Foundation Staff

The staff of Scranton Area Community Foundation is comprised of dedicated professionals who are devoted to helping our generous donors connect to the causes that they care about most.

Laura Ducceschi

President and CEO

Nora Kern

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

nora@safdn.org, ext. 302

Maggie Martinelli

VP, Administration and Projects

maggie@safdn.org, ext. 306

Cathy Fitzpatrick

Grants and Scholarship Manager

cathyf@safdn.org, ext. 301

Frank Caputo

Grants and Communications Coordinator

frank@safdn.org, ext. 312

Joel Grabin

Finance and Accounting Manager

jgrabin@safdn.org, ext. 303

Dana Hunter

Administration Manager

dhunter@safdn.org, ext. 307

Brittany Pagnotti

Communications Manager

bpagnotti@safdn.org, ext. 308

Vivian Williams

Community Initiatives Coordinator

vw@safdn.org, ext. 311

Jana Nelhybel

NEPA Thrives Manager


Michael Villa

Grants Assistant


We find that it is both a privilege and a challenge to help our clients achieve their philanthropic goals. We are honored to have the privilege and are committed to meeting the challenge.

It’s our job to help bring positive change in our community!

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