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#PhilanthropyFriday: Tackling Food Insecurity and Awarding a 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant


It’s time to share with you another one of the many inspiring stories we received this year and announce our fourth 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant… 

A staff member from the nonprofit organization Keystone Mission recently wrote to us and shared about their experience working with Here For a Reason, a nonprofit organization seeking to address the issue of food insecurity in Northeastern Pennsylvania. In their writing to us, they shared how, during a food packaging event in which they partnered with Here For a Reason, they were inspired by Here For a Reason’s ability to help connect those in our region who have a passion to help with the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

Photos provided to us by Keystone Mission of their food packaging event with Here For a Reason. 

At the Scranton Area Community Foundation, we are aware of the hunger issues and food insecurity challenges facing the Lackawanna County region. In 2018, through the Unrestricted Community Needs Fund, we provided grant funding to Here For a Reason to help provide 10,000 meals for students in the Scranton School District through their Food Packaging Program. In April, we hosted a Roundtable Discussion on Food Insecurity, where over fifty community members and organizations that provide food-related assistance to our community gathered to share ideas and insight on how, as a community, we can improve access to healthy foods and provide a long-term solution to hunger in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Findings and results from this Roundtable Discussion will be released soon.

We want to thank the staff member from Keystone Mission who wrote to us praising the community for coming together to address the challenges related to food insecurity in the Lackawanna County region. In honor of our sapphire anniversary and in honor of those who are making a difference in our community, our fourth $650 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant is awarded to Here For a Reason, chosen by the staff member from Keystone Mission who chose to share their inspiring story with us.

Photo: Laura Ducceschi, Scranton Area Community Foundation President and CEO, and Cathy Fitzpatrick, Scranton Area Community Foundation Grants and Scholarship Manager.  

We would like to recognize that our work at the Foundation would not be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of our many charitable donors.

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Up to $10,000 will be awarded in 2019 through the 65th-anniversary mini-grants opportunity, funded by the Scranton Area Community Foundation.

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