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#PhilanthropyFriday: Awarding a 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant and Sharing the Story of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


It’s time to award our next 65th-anniversary mini-grant and share another one of the many inspiring stories we received when we invited you to Share Your Story to help us highlight the impact we’ve had in the community over the last 65 years. 

This story comes from our friends at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, that provides ‘heaven on earth’ for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn. Indraloka Animal Sanctuary informs, inspires, and empowers the community—especially children—on ways to better care for each other and the environment while helping animals in need. They advocate for a kind and compassionate lifestyle that protects animals, the earth, and our own health.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary wrote, “Thanks to the support of the Scranton Area Community Foundation, Indraloka has the opportunity to expand our unique humane education programs. Not only can we welcome more children to the sanctuary, but we can also we can reach more communities and schools, continuing to focus on inclusive educational programs that promote kindness and compassion, while providing a peaceful retreat for all. The potential for visiting students is endless, and thanks to foundations like the Scranton Area Community Foundation who kindly believe in supporting the cause, we are able to make them a reality.”

Photo submitted by Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

Recently, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary participated in the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, spearheaded by the Scranton Area Community Foundation, which brings together animal advocates to shed light on important issues regarding animal welfare across the region. Many people wish to help animals through their charitable giving. As part of our role as a community foundation, the Scranton Area Community Foundation is committed to gaining a comprehensive picture of the challenges, barriers, and opportunities related to the welfare of animals across the region. Through the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative, it is our goal to share with others in the community more about how to make a difference on issues and concerns related to animal welfare, and we are thankful that Indraloka Animal Sanctuary shares in our desire to make an impact in this area. 

Learn more about the NEPA Animal Welfare Collaborative

We are thankful to hear from our friends at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and, in order to show our appreciation, we’d like to award them our twelfth $650 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant.

We’d like to recognize that our work at the Foundation would not be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of our many charitable donorsDuring our sapphire anniversary year, we’d like to call attention to the loyalty of our donors who make our work possible.

We would also like to thank Indraloka Animal Sanctuary for sharing their story and, especially, for reminding us that when we work together, we can create a stronger, kinder, more livable region. 

If you’d like to SHARE YOUR STORY with us, simply fill out our form online: SHARE YOUR STORY. Up to $10,000 will be awarded in 2019 through the 65th-anniversary mini-grants opportunity, funded by the Scranton Area Community Foundation. 

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