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Scholarship FAQ


I am a parent/guardian submitting an application on behalf of my child. Should I make an account in my name, or in the student’s name?

Make the account in the student’s name, as this account will ultimately provide the contact information we send to schools with the scholarship check

Where can I find a complete list of scholarships & criteria offered by SAF?

View scholarships & criteria here

How can I find the description and criteria for a specific scholarship?

The best way to locate a specific scholarship is to google the full name of the scholarship along with “Scranton Area Community Foundation”.
Ex. “Neal J Fasula Scholarship Scranton Area Community Foundation”

How do I apply for one or more scholarships?

All applications (with the exception of the James F. Swift Scholarship) are received through our online scholarship portal.

  1. Create an account
  2. Once you are logged in, click the “Apply” button in the upper left hand corner of the page
  3. On the “Apply” page, look for “SAF Scholarships Universal Application”
  4. Click the blue “Apply” button to begin the application
  5. Complete the “Universal Application”
  6. Once you complete and submit the Universal Application, you will be told the scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible
  7. Answer the supplemental questions for each of the eligible scholarships

How do I apply for the James F. Swift Scholarship?

Starting in 2023, applications for the James F. Swift Scholarship will be completed through the Scranton Area Community Foundation’s Universal Scholarship application. More information about the James F. Swift Scholarship can found at: https://safdn.org/scholarships/james-f-swift-scholarship-program/

Do I have to complete the Universal Application if I only want to apply for a specific scholarship?

Yes, ALL applicants MUST complete the Universal Application. Once the Universal Application is completed, the scholarship portal will inform you of which out of all our scholarship opportunities you are eligible for.

What should I do if I complete the Universal Application and I am not shown as eligible for a scholarship I want to apply for?

Check the scholarship description and criteria (see FAQ Question 1 for further instructions) to make sure you meet all the criteria. If you do meet all of the criteria, please email grants@safdn.org

How do I know if my references have uploaded my transcript and/or letter(s) of recommendation?

By logging into your account, you can check your application. If the person has uploaded the requested document, you will see the file attached to the application where you originally entered their email address

My guidance counselor or recommender has not uploaded the documents I requested, what do I do?

Reach out directly to the recommender and ask if they received the request. Sometimes transcript and letter of recommendation requests can go to spam filters depending on the recipient’s inbox settings. Check that the email address has been entered correctly.

Can I submit my application without my transcript and/or letters of recommendation attached?

Yes, you can submit your application once the request for these documents have been sent. Your guidance counselor and/or recommender can upload these documents to your submitted application until the deadline of 4/1/2023.

When will I be notified if I am a scholarship recipient?

After the application deadline, SAF’s Scholarship Committee reviews and evaluates the applications. Scholarship recipients are usually chosen by May 1st. SAF typically waits until the recipients’ scholarship award ceremony to announce the recipient. Once all local schools with scholarship recipients have held their award ceremonies, all scholarship applicants will be notified whether they have or have not received a scholarship.

How do I accept a scholarship award if I am chosen as a recipient?

If you are chosen as a scholarship recipient, you will receive instructions on how to proceed in your congratulatory letter. PLEASE keep this letter to follow the instructions within it. These instructions will inform you that you need to complete 2 follow-up forms before your scholarship award will be distributed to your educational institution:

  1. Scholarship Agreement
  2. Student ID & Invoice Form

If these 2 forms are not submitted by the deadlines listed, the scholarship award may be forfeited.

What is an invoice, and how do I obtain one from my school?

The “Student ID & Invoice Form” you are required to submit as a scholarship recipient is asking for you to submit an invoice, otherwise known as a bill, for your Fall 2023 tuition at your educational institution. Typically these can be procured from your school’s bursar or student accounts office.  This document should contain your name, student number and an address where the payment can be made.

Note: An Estimated Financial form is NOT the same as an invoice. If you submitted an Estimated Financial Aid form, we will mark the follow-up as incomplete and for you to resubmit with the correct form.

When will I receive the check for the scholarship amount?

You will NOT receive the scholarship check.  Once the forms are submitted in the portal a check will be forwarded to your school to be placed on your account.

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Please reach out to our Grants & Scholarship Department at grants@safdn.org

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