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Grants Plus and the Scranton Area Community Foundation Present:

Grant Seeking Webinar and Coaching Series

The Grant Seeking Webinar and Coaching Series is a FREE 6 part, grant-focused educational program which intends to address the learning needs of nonprofit professionals with at least some experience in grant seeking.

The series runs from October – December 2021 and consists of both webinars and direct coaching.

Participating organizations may also schedule one on one coaching sessions (lasting thirty minutes per session) with experienced members of the Grants Plus team. Participants will sign up for coaching sessions “on demand” and receive personalized, constructive, and practical consultation on opportunities and challenges they face, which could include a range of issues relevant to executive, fund development, and program staff.

Information on how to sign up for coaching sessions will be made available during webinar sessions.


Presented by: Grants Plus with Lauren Steiner, President, and Sarah Dave, Managing

Description: As we move through 2021, nonprofits continue to face many of the same challenges as they did in 2020: the effects of the ongoing pandemic, social distancing, an uncertain economy, disrupted revenues, and greater demand for services. The advantage we have this year is that we can be proactive to meet this hurdles head on. In this webinar, the experts at Grants Plus will share how nonprofit leaders can tell funders a new, compelling story of recovery and resilience.

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Presented by: Grants Plus with Senior Advisors, Matt Carter and Kari Mirkin

Description: Be ready to replace lost funding and secure new revenues by installing a strategic practice to discover new potential grant funders. Set up your organization for long-term grants success by building a “pipeline” of the current and prospective funders that should be your priority for relationship building and solicitation.

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Presented by: TBA

Description: A great list of prospective funders won’t help your organization if you aren’t aware of the best ways to turn them into funders. This webinar will give you the tools you need to build lasting relationships with grantmakers, including how to make the first connection, and how to make grantmaking a team sport that involves your board, leadership, and other supporters.

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Presented by: TBA

Description: How can you keep readers riveted to your grant proposal? By telling a story! As the competition for grant funding becomes more intense, it’s never been more critical to tell funders a compelling story about why your work matters and is deserving of their investment. Join this webinar to learn how to use stories to show how you make a difference in the lives of those you serve and to articulate the importance of your organization to your community.

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Presented by: TBA

Description: Complex applications for federal grants take teamwork. This webinar will give you the knowledge you need to “divide and conquer” federal proposals, including how to set up an efficient, effective team that is ready to evaluate opportunities for a strong fit with your work, develop compelling and complete proposals, and carry out the work and evaluation that will be required after the grant is won.

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Presented by: TBA

Description: TBA

Information about November and December webinar presenters will be announced in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned!

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