Why We Do It

For the Community: We are a local organization with deep roots in the community.  We provide leadership, encouraging philanthropy, and build permanent resources to raise awareness and increase giving in our community.

For the People: Through the generous contributions of our donors we are able to to fund needed resources and support community services that benefit the people of Scranton and the surrounding communities in Lackawanna County.

For the Donors: We are here to help donors to achieve current and long term philanthropic goals. From one-time gifts to starting a fund to promote your legacy, we offer a number of options for giving now and giving later

Over the years, grants of more than $16 million have been made to assist the educational, human service, environmental, civic, and arts & cultural organizations in our area. As the Foundation’s endowment continues to grow, there will be increased opportunity for positive impact on community issues through grant-making.

The Foundation’s grants are sound venture capital to enable good ideas to become effective programs and services for all our citizens.