#PhilanthropyFriday: Awarding a 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant and Sharing the Story of Lacawac Sanctuary

It’s time to award our eighth 65th-anniversary mini-grant and share another one of the many inspiring stories we received when we invited you to Share Your Story to help us highlight the impact we’ve had in the community over the last 65 years.

This story comes from our friends at Lacawac Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization located in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, dedicated to inspiring lifelong connections to nature and shaping the next generation of scientists and earth stewards through research, education, preservation.

“Today, Lacawac Sanctuary is known for its education programs for Pre-K-12 grade students throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. However, back in 2014, that was not the case–no programs existed. Lacawac Sanctuary knew it wanted to be a hub in the region for environmental and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. It was because of funding from the Scranton Area Community Foundation that the groundwork was laid to become that education hub for youth in the area,” says Craig Lukatch, Lacawac Sanctuary President. “Today, Lacawac delivers STEM programs that utilize nature as the foundation of learning to over 3,000 students annually.”

Recently, Lacawac Sanctuary partnered with the Scranton Area Community Foundation to open an organizational endowment fund, the Lacawac Sanctuary Watres Fund, which gives Lacawac Sanctuary the opportunity to generate a reliable revenue stream that will support its work in perpetuity. The Fund supports student work at Lacawac.

We are thankful to hear from our friends at Lacawac Sanctuary and, in order to show our appreciation, we’d like to award them our eighth $650 65th Anniversary Mini-Grant.

We’d like to recognize that our work at the Foundation would not be possible if it weren’t for the generosity of our many charitable donors, including the generous donors of the Lacawac Sanctuary Watres Fund. During our sapphire anniversary year, we’d like to call attention to the loyalty of our donors who make our work possible.

Thank you, Lacawac Sanctuary, for sharing your story and, especially, for reminding us that when we work together, we can create a stronger, kinder, more livable region.

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Up to $10,000 will be awarded in 2019 through the 65th-anniversary mini-grants opportunity, funded by the Scranton Area Community Foundation. 

To learn how you can create an organizational endowment fund with the Scranton Area Community Foundation, please contact us today.